A poll in our Hydrated Lime Slurry LinkedIn group illustrated the primary reasons why some lime users have switched from using dry lime to a more expensive slurry. If a respondent listed their use, it was under 10 dry tons per day.

The most common response was that while on a pure cost per pound basis a prepared lime slurry is more expensive than either hydrate or quicklime, the total cost of operation is less. The typical benefits relayed were:

  1. Decreased wasted product
  2. Maintenance cost grossly decreased
  3. Labor and worker complaints reduced
  4. Much improved safety (eliminates steam and dust)
  5. Cleaner work area (no dust)
  6. Decreased utility costs
  7. Consistent operations
  8. Much easier to use and
  9. Improved system control

Five responses indicated that when the utilities and hard maintenance costs were considered the prepared slurry was less expensive. When the reduction in use was considered, the economics favored the prepared slurry.

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