ASI recently won a nice lime slurry account – replacing a 45% solids competitive lime slurry with ASI UltraLime CX PLUS.

Among the many interesting discoveries was this – because of competitive product instability – the customer learned the hard way that they needed to flush their pump suction line once per hour with water to avoid plugging and scaling. With UltraLime CX PLUS, we are gradually reducing line flushing frequency. We started with every 2 hours, then every 6 hours, then every 12 hours, and soon this customer will realize that NO flushing is required! This is no surprise to us here at ASI as no UltraLime customer needs to flush lines.

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UltraLime won’t scale anything. In fact, UltraLime removes previously deposited lime scale!

Upon converting to UltraLime – you end up with a problem-free system.

  • Improved control (no continuous dilution of the lime slurry) – what we put in your tank is the same as what you pump from your tank!
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced water consumption

This is but one of many unique features of the ASI patented UltraLime series of products.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss the other Unique Value that UltraLime delivers! (440) 933-9442.