To Our Family (Our Employees and Clients),

You are all aware of the day-to-day news that we are in historic times as more and more friends and family are affected by the COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus. You, our family, are important to us.

Applied Specialties Inc.’s management team has remained focused on addressing the concerns expressed by our employees and clients. We have implemented the everyday steps recommended by our government officials. As part of the identified “Essential Critical Infrastructure” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Applied Specialties, Inc. plays a critical role in the supply chain for water and wastewater treatment plants including many municipal drinking water facilities, utility power plants, and other critical industrial plants that provide clean drinking water, electrical power, food, wastewater treatment, and other essential items throughout the United States.

We are a part of a chain that can’t be broken, and we need to maintain business. We are asked to ensure an uninterrupted supply of the chemical needs for our clients to stay compliant with government rules and regulations and provide a safe product (water, wastewater for discharge, food, etc.).

Applied Specialties has taken steps to complete our obligations while providing a safe environment for our employees and clients, our family. We require the following:

• Employees working on-site or in remote locations follow the Federal/CDC guidelines as well as their local/state government recommendations.
• Employees follow the recommended social distancing and cleaning practices to prevent the spread of the virus.
• Some employees work remotely to increase social distancing.
• Employees regularly check themselves before coming to work and stay home if sick.
• Suppliers must follow the same requirements as our employees.
• Our trucking firms are checking their employees and follow the same recommendations.

We are continuously monitoring communications from our government officials every day and will keep you updated as more information is provided.

Mike McCormick, CSP, ASP, SMS
EHS Manager
Applied Specialties, Inc.