Gary Amato has been a Technical Sales Representative at Applied Specialties, Inc. (ASI) for 17 years. Prior to working at ASI, Gary held the same title at Sternson, Ltd. However, sales hasn’t been Gary’s only career. Before he worked at Sternson, Gary’s degree in biology and environmental studies from the University of Buffalo led him to work in a chemistry lab, and he says it was his time in the lab that helped him know that sales was the right career for him.

In the lab, Gary did the same thing every day, and saw the same people. The variety that he didn’t get in the lab is what he loves so much about his job at ASI.

Gary’s region includes New York and Michigan, as well as northern Pennsylvania and New England. He travels between the states to sell water treatment chemicals including polymers, coagulants, and lime. But Gary doesn’t just see himself as a salesman; to him, his job is about providing solutions and helping his clients get the most out of what they need. This attitude, he says, is what makes ASI so much better than its competitors.

When Gary travels, he finds that he is one of only a few in his industry who goes to his clients’ sites, greets them in person, and performs hands-on testing. Testing can occur over the course of several months in order to find the perfect solution for all water conditions, and it is during this time that Gary has the unique opportunity to form strong relationships with his clients. When clients choose ASI, they get the chemicals they need, but they also get the amazing personal support, problem solving, and dedication that employees like Gary provide.

Outside of work, Gary spends most of his time with his friends and family. He and his wife of 30 years, Lisa, have two daughters: Alexa, 28, and Jennifer, 25. You’re likely to find him on outings with his family, on the golf course or playing poker with his friends, or rooting for his favorite Buffalo sports teams.