Looking for straight talk and recommendations that are sound and prudent? We know that you want products that are of high quality, delivered on time, that is appropriate for the application, and that are reasonably priced. We also know that it is important to have recommendations that are sound and focused on your specific needs – not our sales. ASI’s experienced staff maintains a “both sides of the desk” perspective with backgrounds in both the specialty chemical sales and services market as well as many years directly working for public utilities.

You can be assured that our highly experienced service team is well versed in a variety of applications and situations in water treatment programs within the power industry. They have worked in numerous power plants and have demonstrated impeccable technical and problem-solving capabilities. If you’re looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, count on our team to develop effective solutions for your unique situation.

Customer service is an essential aspect of your expectations in water treatment chemicals and services and we consider ours to be “second to none” and fundamental to delivering the highest quality products from ordering and invoicing to delivery.

Focusing on your analytical needs and requests, our laboratories are fully equipped and staffed and have the best turn-around in the industry. We also specialize in unique analytical capabilities, such as DNA testing for microbiological monitoring, as well as all aspects of treatment monitoring to assure scale-free and low corrosion rate treatment programs.

By designing the most effective total treatment program tailored for your system we assure you’ll see results. For more information visit appliedspecialties.com or call us at 440-933-9442.