After experiencing some severe well water mineral deposits and pitting in their main heat exchanger, a Power Plant in Texas was concerned about its performance and the possibility of having to invest in a replacement which would have cost them between 30-40 million dollars. In addition, their piping had serious leaks and corrosion which was shortening the lifetime of their pipes.

Instead of moving forward with expensive replacements, they decided to put a solution to the problem out for bid. ASI presented an out-of-the-box solution and was chosen for the project.


ASI started by mitigating the progression of mineral deposits and pitting and further removed most of the existing deposits slowly over a time period of about three years. This was accomplished by adding a stronger and novel oxidizing biocide to the cooling tower in conjunction with a specialty dispersant. This caused the mineral deposits to oxidize into a solid particle which were then suspended in the bulk water for removal via cooling tower blowdown.

After thorough nondestructive eddy current testing, it was determined that the pitting had stopped and the heat exchanger surfaces were cleaner than they ever had been. The results far exceeded any initial performance expectations.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Twice per month, an ASI technician tests and monitors corrosion, product levels, heat exchanger performance, and makes sure that all instruments are calibrated correctly.

Installed instrumentation helps to monitor the change in temperature, flow, and pressure and automated equipment ensures the correct amount of additives. Keeping the cleanliness factor high is a top priority for maintaining peak performance.

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